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Dragon Fable
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Dragon Fable

Easy money:

: RM

Go to Ash. Ask about Amityvale. Go there and go to the far right to where
meet up with a dog. Skip through the intermission sequence and follow the
dog to the well. Go down the well. Complete the quest and you will get level
16 and higher weapons. This can be done about ten times. The member weapons
can be sold at shops to get money. Repeat this as many times as desired.
Easy money:

If you are level 9 or higher, go to Warlic's portal. Go to the mountains,
then go to right and enter the quest. Complete the quest and earn money by
selling weapons.
Easy experience:

. RM

Go to the right of town. Then, go to Yulgar's shop. Enter do the mill quest.
Kill all the Seed Spitters to gain a lot of experience.

Go to Ash and ask him about Amityvale. Go there. Go to the right. Keep going
until you see a sign with a pumpkin on it, and with a pumpkin field in the back.
Go in there. This quest will give you over 2,500 experience points and lots of

Repeat it as many times as desired.
If you do not have a good energy (electric) weapon, go to Yulgar's shop in
Falconreach. Buy the static for 6 gold. Then, go back until you get to the part
with the inn. On the top right of the map, click on "Challenge". You can get a
lot of experience points by doing this.
Recommended weapon:

Go to Yulgar's Shop. Go to the weapon called "Static". It hits over 10 and only
costs 6 gold. It is the best cheap weapon for level 4.
Getting to Amityville, Oaklore and Falconreach easily:

Go to the Aeris Battle Spire and set it as your hometown. When you are far away
and do not want to travel that distance, click "Options" at the bottom of the quest
chest. Go to "Teleport To Hometown". Go to the Battle Spire. Click  Enter and go
over to the airship. You will be asked for a destination. It can only take you to
Oaklore, Amityville, or Falconreach.
Easy PvP trophies:

Go to the character selection screen. Make a character level 1 and get its ID #.
Go to the arena use the "Battle ID" feature. Enter in the ID and keep defeating
it to get trophies.

Easy money:

Go to Ash, and choose "Quests". Click on "Elemental Attack". Then, go to the bush
behind Capt'n Crunsh to get a healing area. Go to the right to find a lot of
elementals. Fight them until all are defeated. Go back to the healing pad when
needed. Then, complete the quest. You will receive a lot of experience and gold
from the monsters, as well as a mace. Back at Falconreach, go to Yulgar's shop
and sell the mace. You will get a lot of money.
Easy dragon egg:

Finish all the quests for Robina and Valencia, then go up to Warlic's camp. Talk
to him about the dragon egg, then keep selecting "Back" until you get the egg.
Select "Yay!" to get the egg.
Use double and triple attacks:

If you are a Warrior and have the double and triple attacks unlocked, there is a
way to use both. First, do a normal attack on the creature to enable the double
attack feature. Use the double attack to enable the triple attack feature.
Then, use the defend feature and in your next turn use the war cry feature. You
should now have both the double and triple attack ready to use. Try using the
triple attack first, as you can use the double attack on the next turn to enable
triple attack again.

Get two Artix on team:

In Falconreach get Artix as friend B. Then, go to Amityvale. Go east until you
reach a fork in the path. Use the bottom path. Do the quest. At the end, you will
kill a Boss and Atrix will be friend A and B.

Easy Battlespire wins:

This works best when you are level 1 through 5. Go to the character status screen
and write down your ID number. Then go to Aries Battlespire and click the "Join
the tournament" button. Then, go to "Battle ID". Enter your ID, but first make
sure that you have the starting weapon and no pets equipped. When you get to the
Battle Ring, equip a god weapon and a pet.

Sir jings stuff:

You can find sir jings stuff by going to oaklore keep and walk all the way to the
left until you find a guy in a catapult and a guy who's not. Anyway talk to him
and it'll say quest then it'll say new next to it. Then after you click on the it
you have to kill a bunch of elementals i use the unsqueakable farce on them it
works very good. Well after you kill 'em all you go up the stairs and kill three
boss elementals then walk up to the chest and it'll say open chest, and finish
quest.then you choose what weapon you want then you can finish the quest with

Faster leveling up:

Go to falcon reach and then get artix and ash as your friends then get a pet
(optional). Then travel to amityville go into the weapon shop and do the weapon
quests kill all the gouls till you get to the barn and then beat the boss with
about 178 health. This quest will get you about 2550 xp and to do this quest u
should be about level 8+ cause all the gouls are levels 1517.

Recommended weapon 2:

Go to Oaklore, in the Keep, and go as far to the left as possible. There should
be two knights and a catapult. Talk to the one on the ground. He will ask you to
do a quest; accept it. All you have to do is defeat the storm elementals, most of
which are fairly weak, and go to the chest. It contains a shop with three items,
all priced at 0g. They are all energy weapons and have high damage levels (the
sword hits for 1020 damage). These are extremely helpful if you are just starting
out, as they are all also only level two.

Full health:

If you have a Dragon Amulet, buy the Chicken Cow Armor. Whenever you are low on
health in a quest and you do not know when the next heal pad is, equip the armor
then unequip it. You will have full heath. Do not forget to equip your weapon and
other items again. This does not work during a fight.

Easy experience:

Use the following trick for good experience at level 9 or higher. If you have a
strong weapon, go to Willowshire. Go to the tower. Go to any of the gem keys and
fight the monsters.

Red : 1380 experience points
Blue : 975 experience points
Green : 1380 experience points
Yellow: 1040 experience points

Note: The Tiger Hogs (Togs) appear in threes. Be careful and bring a powerful
energy weapon, such as Gigawat.

Flying characters:

When you go to travel, go up to the Griffin, but do not select where you want to go.
For example, if want to go to Amityville, click below it so you start walking, then
quickly choose "Amityville" before it disappears. The Griffin should take off and
you should be floating in the air.


:loise jones

if your a new player and need easy money follow this trick about 10 times a day
and in a week get about 600 gold
go to oaklor keep and folow the road leading straight in front of the keep.
kill everything in your way go right to the endand go back when you go to
oaklore keep a completed quest popup will be thereto award you money and exp


: Cameron

When you go to travel walk up to the Griffin and go to it's head. It has to have
the places to go in the top right corner.Click behind the Griffin and then quickly
click were you want to go.If your character was still running behind the Griffin
then your character will float in the air and then teleport on the Griffin and
you will still go were you wanted to go.


Location: Go to the sir jings weapons quest.
How to: Beat all the elementals and get the weapon at the end.
Then use it on the sea seapent it does well high attacks#
P.S. Attck the smallest ones first

Team for easy fights:

Now everyone wants to fight monsters that are stronger than you so you can get up
levels faster right?. well now you can fight them and actually win. all you have
to do is go to amityvale and go to the right and enter the cemetary there you will
meet artix a very strong and reliable teamate averaging a 9 20 hit. thats usually
good enough but you can find another companion to help you win those tough battles,
valencia is a level 8 who averages a 8 18 hit you can find her by begining at
flaconreach and going right all the way down.she is the girl standing infront of
the big gold statue.
well I hope this eases your trobles. if you want to check out my charecter he is a
level 16 mage and his id is 3826073

Advanced CorDemi Codex:

: Cheatbook
To get the Advanced CorDemi Codex without wasting your dragon coins (if you have any)
go to Robina in the Surewould Forest East of Falconreach and get the bounty hunting
list off of her. Next, go east again until you get to a crossroads and go north. Then
kill all of the Outlaws until you get to a tent. There will be three people in it.
Kill them all and the quest will be complete. Sometimes you get the Advanced CorDemi
Codex as a rare prize, but if not, keep trying!

How to get a dragon egg without a cheat engine easy:

First you do the robina the hood guests then valcenia or whatever her name is then
once your are the warlic guests start off,if you want go into the tent he says about
then your first mission it may say on the top Go! and if on the bottom it will say
Back (if it doesnt the do the guest so you get to the second one it will definetly
have Back on it)okay since it has back click it,if it takes you back to his talking
home page then do what i said in the ( ),then once you click back it will take you
to your next mission if you click it again it will do the same the you keep clicking
back until it says summoning time! you could either battle or click back and it would
have a huge dragon egg on it so then go to twilly by the tree stump and he will say
something about a secret cave so click To the secret cave!then you will see the
dragon egg.

Level up without cheating:

In amityvale do the quest for moonglow if your level eight or higher and kill all
monster and you will recieve 2540 exp if you kill all monsters!

Very easy exp (reccomended lvl 6+):
Go to Ash and keep on doing the Doomwood quest. The skeletons give alot of exp, and
the is a yellow healing spot right where you start.

Quick Gold!:

Join Artix, Ash, and Twilly, and head to Amityvale to do the quest called "The Well."
Do it again and again, you will get guardian weapons (and others.) They are level 17
and above. The guardian weapons give you 160 gold each, so sell any weapon you don't

Some Easy Experience: Pumpkin quest:

First thing to do is find Ash and ask him about Amityvale. Go to Amityvale and then
go to the right and keep going until you see the pumpkin sign with a pumpkin field
in the rear. Now go in field to start the quest. This quest gives you 2,500+
experience points and a good bit of money. This quest is repeatable.

Moglin Punter MiniGame cheats:
DragonFable Mini game Moglin Punting.

Level. Angle/ Power
1. 46/57
2. 29/81
3. 64/89
4. 72/50
5. 39/75
6. 66/78
7. 65/86
8. 58/100
9. 9/80
10. 33/75
11. 32/85
12. 42/100
13. 86/53
14. 68/54
15. 53/95
16. 31/85
17. 72/54
18. 72/51
19. 12/51
20. 80/65
21. 61/98
22. 40/100
23. 30/100
24. 53/89
25. 86/100
26. 55/55
27. 79/71
28. 55/76
29. 50/100
30. 45/90
31. 82/62
32. 40/80
33. 50/90
34. 63/90
35. 45/85
36. 87/67
37. 83/77
38. 45/80
39. 85/95
40. 85/68
41. 3/100
42. 35/66
43. 78/79
44. 80/60 time it right
45. 80/70 time it right
46. 73/55 time it right
47. 84/52
48. 84/52 time it right
49. 74/73 time it right
50. 83/100 time it right
Bonus 51. 80/100 time it right and be good at the game Pong.

How to get 2 Artixes:

Ok first off heres what you do and this glitch is not fake,
1. go to falconreach and invite artix in your friend B slot
2. head towards amityvale
3. go to the graveyard and invite artix
do what you want with these two unlimited fun right there.

Strong Weapons:

Go to artix in falconrige and click QUEST! After you do his quests
you will get a strong light weapon, artixs one. It dose 60100 damege.
You should get it. it is awesome. It did 276 the strongest with me
and if you sell it you should get more then 5000 gold, GET IT!

How to heal yourself in willowshire without exiting:

As soon as you go into one of the rooms look to the right and there
should be a blue flame on the wall got to it and it should heal you

How to never die in a battle:

Alright do you know how to get the cow and chicken armor. well not in a
battle use equip it and then in a battle when your heath is low instead
of using the health potion unequip it and you'll have full health!
Become A Ninja The Easy Way:
: bonebone40

First go to village hidden in the wind(or what ever its called)and go west
until you reach a ninja and do the top guest and finsh it.Then go to the
wepon shop and sell it.It should give you 150 coins.Keep repeting the quest
and selling the wepon until you get over 3500.That should be enough to buy
his"taktiks book".Then talk to him and you should be able to wear the ninja


submitted by: Frank

First get Artix and Valencia as your friends. Then walk to Robina and talk to her,
click at the bounty hunting. Then go east until you get to an crossroad, there you
turn to north. Kill all enemies in your way until you get to the telt. You will
fight an boss. the bosses will be worth: 50, 75, 100, 180, 300, 600. (Level required
4 or 5 and up.

How to get 2 artix:
: abdul

if u want 2 artix go to amityvle get artix(invite as frind b) then go to that well
quest when you get to the end there is another artix.Now you should have 2 artix.
Fight the boss after you have finshed you should have 2 artix.Good luck hope it
works by ShadowMaster

Twillies minigame:

The password to Twillies minigame prizes is "kThxhat!".

Easy exp:

: Bpizzle

Go to ash in falconridge and go under quests. Then go down to challenge. Once at Voltabolt
go up to the sign and press the button on the sign then enter the building.
The driller has slightly more health and does more damage but its worth it.
Easy exp:

: Bpizzle

Go to the inn in Falconreach and go to the map. Click on "Crystal Cave."
I personally recommend bringing either a wind or dark weapon.


: brody

if you have a dragon you can turn invisibel. talk to twilly go to the hatching its at
the top clik until u get to the part were darkath starts talking telepot to home town
and you will be invisible.


: marshal

go to willowshire go to th blue room and beat it and you get 4500exp.

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