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Need for Speed - Most Wanted
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Need for Speed Most Wanted


Update by: Nayan
: Haspa

Enter one of the following codes at the main menu

Code Result

iammostwanted Unlocked cars
givemethegto Releases the GTO
iammostwanted Unlocks all cars
burgerking Unlocks Burgerking Challenge in the Challenge series
castrol Unlocks a Ford GT with Castrol decals

: conner54


To an extra $10,000 in career mode have a Need For Speed Underground
career game saved on your hard drive.
After the prologue you will get $10,000.

Quick start:

Pay close attention to your tachometer when launching from the start
line. Grab a perfect launch to gain a few precious seconds. When the
needle turns blue drop the clutch and hold on.

Nitrous and grip:

Hitting nitrous torques the chassis back, giving the rear tires immensely
more weight under the new acceleration. The end effect is that you will
go straight. If you find your tail sliding out or are about to spin out
of control, hit your nitrous. You will be surprised at how fast you will
get straight again. This is a great trick in combination with Speedbreaker.
With the correct timing, there is no corner you cannot take at any speed.
Blacklist milestones:

: Harry Chong

Blacklist milestones are things you need to do to rack up your bounty so you
can challenge the next person on the Blacklist. Check out these so you know
what you need to do to rack up the points. Once the milestones are completed,
you must work on racking up the points. The best way to do this is to cause
as much major damage as possible by taking out police cars, traffic, and
crashing through shops (for example the donut shop and others you will notice
in the later levels). Try to rack up as much bounty and escape before your
status has reached level 4. If your status is already level 4, then choose a
different car for awhile until the status goes down before returning to your
favorite car. Once your status hits level 4, it is harder to get into cool
down mode to find somewhere to hide. Avoid getting caught, as you will lose
the bounty you have racked up during the chase.

Don't Get Busted:

: spike_hacker_inc

When the cops are after you and some how you get caught, before the message
on the screen says "Busted" quickly press  Alt + "F4". This will exit the
game immediately
Not giving it enough time to save, all your game saves will still be present.
And it would be as if nothing ever happened.

Ford GT 40 variations:

: Bluenose

As soon as you unlock the Ford GT, go to "My Cars" and select it.
Do not put any extra parts on the car. Go to "Visual", select "Vinyls",
choose the stripe vinyls, and pick Stripe 1. Keep both stripe colors
white and select that vinyl. You should notice the the car looks exactly
like the 2005 Ford GT 40, with the white double fat stripes, and the stripe
on the side skirt with the words "Ford GT". For the 2002 Ford GT, the car
should be black with two white stripes. For the 2002 GT 40, the car should
goldenrod with two black stripes.

: Dragoi Ovi

If you got a flat tire but only one the car will not stop at all and you
can finish the pursuit belive me it works thats how I finished Most Wanted
but it worked on the right front tire I dont knou about the other tires but
with a flat tire the car goes madd.


: karijuana

when u defeat a blacklist rival it's hard to guess which marker is pinkslip
wich gives u the rivals car here's the way I discovered :first select the
left marker if it's (get out of jail for free) or (cash bonus)then pinkslip
is on the far right if it's (impound strike) or (pick any car from impound)
then pinkslip is in the middle marker oh one more thing if u R afraid of
gettin busted just turn autosave off and save before u engage in apersuit
and simply load if u get busted

: eishf2000

When in heat level 4, try hitting on as many SUVs at top speed, keeping your
eyes ahead. The SUVs just hit and run soon after you are down to speed 0.
If you get to hit 'em with nitro on, you are bound to get higher bounty.
Trust me, I have made >400000 bounty in just 3 mins using this strategy.

Try hitting on SUV roadblocks (hit on the ass) as much as possible,
raising bounty. Watch out for spikes. Once you hit successfully, go
straight through. The cars following you will be stuck there fo a long time.

: venkatesh

This is not really a cheat but a trick. When you run out of money in nfsmw
go to safe house,select blacklist,select race events,and play the race you
find easy as many times as you want to raise your money.
The same way to get more bounty go to safe house select blacklist,select
race events,select the race where you have to ride more than specified mph
(I think its photoshoot) play the race until you get enough bounty. i feel
this easier than others.



when in career mode,load the allais no 3(if you have created one).
start the presuit and the heat won`t go over x2.


: CyBorG

A very easy way to complete the game is by downloading the nfsmw
black edition files. with this u can specify the amount of money
n bounty u want and u have all 18 bonus cars including the awesome
BMW M3 GTR be4 defeating Blacklist racer#15 Sonny


: vinay

these r just tricks 2 score more bounty,all that u need 2 do is go to
the bus station n stay on the ramp or on the parking buses with atleast
a police cruiser winding u.it woll b better with cross on ur tail n see
the bounty raising like anything i got more than 1000000 bounty in a
single pursuit n 78 damaged police vehicles.


: Phoenix

Get into a persiut and go to the bus station at the ramp dont ramp just
stop on top of the busses the cops will try to get you but they will
destroy them selvess .normally it works best when you do it at heat 2
just watch your back if the cops get smart.
Car test:

If you are unsure which car is the best to use when upgraded, you can upgrade
all the cars that are unlocked for free in the main menu.Go to "My Cars",
choose a car that is available, and upgrade it with the parts that are available.
By doing this, you will not waste all your money in career mode.

Better car performance:

After getting your car upgraded with engines, suspension, brakes, etc., go to
"Performance Tuning". For better handling for the Lamborghini, Porsche, Corvette,
and Viper, set the "Height" of you car to "1". If you need more gripping power
either take the "Height" to "2" or set the "Aerodynamics" to "+1". If you go
overboard with the performance tuning options (anything past "+3" or "3"),
the car will actually handle worse.

Go to "My Cars". Choose one of your cars and go to "Performance".
Set "Ultimate Parts" on.
If you won the Extra Race, put in Junkman Parts.


If you crash your car do not force it to respawn. Instead, let the game reset
your car. You will then be invulnerable and able to get away from the cops if
you are in a very tight spot.

Avoiding SUVs:

Have a good car and a good Nitro booster. Whenever you see an SUV coming at
you, hit your nitrous and ram him head on. He should fly backward and explode,
giving you $10,000.
All upgrades:

After completing the game, start a new file. Load the new file after the introduction
sequence. Save the game. Without shutting down the game, load the file that you won
the game with and go into the car selection screen. Select a car as usual, then save
the game. Again, without shutting down the game, load the new file. All Performance,
Visual and Parts upgrades will be unlocked in that game. All the Blacklist racers in
the new file will have the stamp across them that reads "Defeated". You can still
race them and get through the game normally, but you must drive to the Blacklist
challenge location to race Sonny, Taz, Vic, etc. You can no longer initiate the
blacklist races from the menu.

Blacklist cars:

If you win the pinkslips to a Blacklist car, you may want to use the Blacklist car as
your own and make the necessary upgrades to performance, as most of the upgrades will
have been already made by the Blacklist owner. You do not need to spend too much money
to increase the performance, handling, etc. Sometimes these cars will have upgrades
that have not been unlocked yet, but most of these are usually visual. Only do this
if the vehicle you have won has better attributes than the one you are currently driving
in its standard mode. You can check this out in the car shop. Keep about three to five
good quick cars in your safehouse.

Lowering Heal levels:

To lower the Heat from your car, go to a Stop Shop and go in. Then, change the color of
your car. Leave and do not move. Press Up KEY to go back in and change the car back to its
original color. Your Heat will be lower by 1. Do this multiple times to reach condition
1 again.

Get strikes off your car:

If you get busted in a pursuit, turn off the game before saving it. When the game is
played again the strike will be gone. Note: This will not work if you can only get one
more strike.

Challenge series:

After completing career mode there will still be some cars that are locked. In order to
unlock them you must go to the main menu and select the "Challenge Series" option. After
winning all the challenges, those cars will be unlocked. Note: At first there will be
two or three challenges unlocked from 69 challenge. In order to access the locked
challenges you must win the available challenges.

Better times:

On Heritage and Omega, to get through the curves do no use the shortcuts. It will only
slow you down. Just take the turns and it will save you some time. It can help you build
up some speed for the rest of the track.

Easy bounty:

Get some cops after you then go to the bus stop. Go on top of the buses. Make sure that
the front of the car is at the edge of the last bus so that the cops can see you and do
not lose you. Keep looking behind you because the cops will sometimes find a way on top
of the buses. When they do that, just reverse as soon as you see them coming and push
them off. Only one cop car will come on top of the bus. Do this for as long as desired.
When you want to lose them, just reverse, park in the middle of the buses, and wait until
your cool down bar fills. The cops will also drive crazy and crash into themselves,
giving you extra bounty and bring up your rap sheet rankings on police vehicles
immobilized and police vehicles involved.
Drive through police:

In a pursuit, drive through a Pursuitbreaker and it switch to an intermission sequence.
After it ends you should have control over your car. If there are any police cars around
you, you can drive through them. If this does not work at first, keep trying.


created by :Mit "The Most Wanted"
sumitted by :Dipen "Master of milestones"
subtitle:completing milestone esily

First of all complete the photoshot milestone events.For harder milestones try as follows:

During persuite if you are comleting milestone your car's heat get very high(especilly in
milestone of blacklist1 to 8).So you can't evade the persuit esily.Your chances of getting
busted by cops are more.
Don't afraid of getting busted by cops,just complete milestones tries to evade the persuit ,
if you get busted Don't worry,Don't close the game by pressing Alt+F4.Then when you become
busted (1)if low money(fine amount) =pay with the cash or(2)if high money =pay with marker.
After getting out of jail your car's heat become very low ."Then select any bounty event and
try to evade persuit in 12 minutes. Get into safe house & your milestones are completed
which were done by you in busted persuit & its bounty is been added in your total bounty."
But You cant get that bounty that you had done by infraction in busted persuit.

We have completed NFSMost Wanted completely.For more help & information please contact us


submitted by: Mukul Ghan

hey friends check ou this
I got some info how to obtain pinkslips
first beat the rival and select
SONNY1 or 3 marker
TAZ1 or 3 marker
VIC1 or 3 marker
IZZY2 marker
and I am finding out more like this.

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